Divination of Ancient Celts:

Photo by Ilyas Aliev on Unsplash

Ancient Celtic Divination:

The ancient Celts used many methods of divination, weather watching, looking at bird flight patterns to planetary configuration and cloud watching.

This cloud watching was called Neidoracht.   Tarbhfeis was a druid being wrapped in bull hide   to enhance divination.

An important function of the druid was fortune telling. They had Yew rods with Ogam cut into them.  It is also said they used bird calls especially the Raven and the Wren.  The Wren was especially seen as a prophet.  They also used trees the Irish Druids used Rowan Yew and hazel trees  there is no evidence of Oak being used as is seen in Gaulish Celts.

They had a view of life being immortal and believed in reincarnation souls being passed from one body to another and to the higher order of animals.

They used the innards of animals and human sacrifice as [part of the divination tradition.

They also are also said to be able to create a mantel that would make an individual disappear sometimes into a magic fog.

Every Shee or fairy palace has a Feficada around it which shuts it out from mortal vision.

And fairies were known as Banshees.

The pagan Irish worshiped the Side (shee) or the earth gods these were fairies and elves.

They were generally known as the Dedannan race. They invaded Ireland many centuries before Christians came to Ireland

They were magicians skilled in metal works and science.

These were then conquered by the 5th race the Milesians.  The Dedannans were sent to the hill side (shees elf mounds deep underground… They built palaces filled with liquid light gems and gold even under the sea.

When you see a swirl of dust it is said to be a shee-guatha wind fairy traveling.  The fairy folk were still present and said to be ruled by their own chief. They are said to have immense powers they can wither crops make animals abort and may other powers that some folk still believe in today.