Scorpios Essence:

Scorpio Time :      Water


The sign of Scorpio is that of the element of water. Water in astrology is emotion, this is the undercurrent of all life. This element is therefore a current that runs through all our situations and processes, a bedrock. Emotions that part of astrology which is ruled by the water signs are often distorted by different cultural biases. If we can embody our emotions and understand them, we can flow more through life and meet it with a fuller self.

Scorpio is fixed water it is stable and solid. It can fixate on a result and that can drive it through desire. Fixed attention on an essence and the then desire to merge with it.

Scorpio has an air of transmutation, impermanence, death what comes and goes and conversely what does not change in that what is essentially always.  So, Scorpio is seen as the sign of transformation evolution.  Scorpio is all or nothing. It is about transmuting something bleeding into something and coming out the other side of it. This is a process which ultimately shows us ourselves as a by product of the interactions. Loss and trauma are also haul marks of Scorpio, this can be very present in this sign and means that it becomes part of the dialogue and experience of a Scorpio life.

Scorpios have a great ability to draw away their energies from a situation. They can be the crucible of their own lives living through many situations which forge them into new beings and in the process transmuting many situations. This can create a kind of entanglement in the process which may evolve into and out of co-dependency and enmeshing people into our lives and situations. The growth point is to take full responsibility for our lives and live from a centre of personal power that is managed.

Desire is another aspect of this sign sexual desire and other desires can be demonised and manipulated by society. What it distorts is a deep connecting with the fertile darkness that allows us to grow and reach for full embodiment. This is also included in the way individuals and society see and use power. Scorpio s way of navigating these realms is by keeping a hold on its own sovereignty. This requires us to travel into deep waters be aware of our integrity and our interconnectedness with others and their power. In this process a central theme for Scorpios is trust, how much do they open what can someone let in how much we give and take from another entity. This scorpion ability to dive deep and dark and emerge more whole and complete is an essential trait of this sign. It speaks of the core issues of loss and transformation. It is the essential phoenix from the ashes story.  This ability if embraced is one of the amazing traits of a Scorpio. This evolutionary process is the essence of Scorpio. The issues may arise in getting stuck in the middle of one of these processes or getting stuck in the dark side of the story.  Another problem could be in the wrong use of power in trying to get out of situations. The key is in allowing what comes come and must go to go. This can be extremely hard for and obsessive desire fuel Scorpio. How to manage desire as a process rather than an end point is probably a key point to keep an eye on.  Some key issues that may be unresolved obsession jealousy that can unravel our psychology, may involve getting stuck in some negative psychological states. Because of the above issues Scorpios can be very loyal to be present with others in their dark times while keeping clear with ourselves. Non concern with gain or loss and can embrace impermanence.