HyBrazil was a mythical vanishing Island said to be off the coast of Ireland. A place where imagination merges with reality. Said to be likened to Atlantis the mythical island a place of high culture and ethics, land of utopian values and beauty, an ideal society as described by Plato. A recombination of realities in new ways. As William Blake said imagination is a pillar of the spirit an essential part of being human and an inexhaustible source of beauty. That place between the rational and the imagination is what HyBrazil hopes to be.

Clare O'Connor
Fine Artist & Painter

I’ve been painting on and off for 20 years. I love painting and landscape. It is while walking the roads that I pick up inspiration form the land around and it somehow lodges inside and comes out through the paint brush.

This process amazes me and it feels like the control is somewhere else and somehow the visual impressions pop out and with time their origins become apparent.

I’m currently influenced by the Gearagh and the Lee. I’m living within and under the Gearagh and the place emerges somehow. It is all water and land bits.

Richard Winfield

My photographs are of nature: the land, the water and the sky. There are many different ways of interpreting the same scene. It changes with the light, the seasons and the viewpoint. This is what makes photography never ending. The same landscape can be photographed many different ways.

I try, through my photographs, to convey the beauty and diversity of the Irish landscape especially the region of West Cork. I hope it inspires people to go out into nature and experience it firsthand.