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Celtic Magic

The Celts believed the physical world and the spiritual world were completely intertwined. Trees were [...]

Scorpios Essence:

Scorpio Time :      Water   The sign of Scorpio is that of the element of [...]

Druid Mystery Schools:

The Druid mystery schools:   The first basic teaching of any mystery school is know [...]

River Spring Equinox 2019

image by Katie Moum on Unsplash  

Full Moon March 2019

Full Moon 20 March 2019: Libra   Marches full moon opens a portal to a [...]

Divination of Ancient Celts:

Photo by Ilyas Aliev on Unsplash Ancient Celtic Divination: The ancient Celts used many methods [...]

William Blake and the transformational

William Blake was one of the most original voices to come out of the English [...]