The Land Reimagined

The Land Reimagined#1   The Land Reimagined#2   The Land Reimagined#3   The Land Reimagined#4   The Land Reimagined#5   The Land Reimagined#6     The Land Reimagined#7    The Land Reimagined#8    The Land Reimagined#9    The Land Reimagined#10    The Land Reimagined#11     The Land Reimagined#12     The Land Reimagined#13    The Land […]

Celtic Magic

The Celts believed the physical world and the spiritual world were completely intertwined. Trees were the perfect vehicle for this, and the Druids had a special affinity with trees. Celtic time marker was a 19-year cycle It was called the great year. It was marked by the sun and the moon being on the same […]

Scorpios Essence:

Scorpio Time :      Water   The sign of Scorpio is that of the element of water. Water in astrology is emotion, this is the undercurrent of all life. This element is therefore a current that runs through all our situations and processes, a bedrock. Emotions that part of astrology which is ruled by the water […]

Druid Mystery Schools:

38cm x 25cm

The Druid mystery schools:   The first basic teaching of any mystery school is know yourself. This is the exploration of your glorious heights and the depths of your darkness, its relations to the other great immensities of the world and the way the quest tends to transform the seeker. It’s the hero’s journey. The […]

Full Moon March 2019

Full Moon 20 March 2019: Libra   Marches full moon opens a portal to a new wave of energy. It falls on the Equinox which is the beginning of the astrological New Year. The full moon combines with the equinox is a time to release  release and release  . Return ourselves to the zero point.   […]