Druid Mystery Schools:

The Druid mystery schools:   The first basic teaching of any mystery school is know yourself. This is the exploration of your glorious heights and the depths of your darkness, its relations to the other great immensities of the world and the way the quest tends to transform the seeker. It’s the hero’s journey. The […]

Full Moon March 2019

Full Moon 20 March 2019: Libra   Marches full moon opens a portal to a new wave of energy. It falls on the Equinox which is the beginning of the astrological New Year. The full moon combines with the equinox is a time to release  release and release  . Return ourselves to the zero point.   […]

Divination of Ancient Celts:

Photo by Ilyas Aliev on Unsplash Ancient Celtic Divination: The ancient Celts used many methods of divination, weather watching, looking at bird flight patterns to planetary configuration and cloud watching. This cloud watching was called Neidoracht.   Tarbhfeis was a druid being wrapped in bull hide   to enhance divination. An important function of the druid was […]